Currently seeking support

Name: Anonymous
Sex: Female
Age: 47 years
Illness: Breast Cancer
Current Situation: Undergoing Chemotherapy
Childre: 2


Fund Raised in the past

Name: Anonymous
Sex: Male:
Age: 50 years
Illness: Stomach Cancer
Children: 6 Children
Died: 4 months after the Fund-raise programme

Fund Raised in the past

Name: Mashud Islam Durjoy
Sex: Male:
Age: 9 years
Illness: Primary Immunodeficiency
Death: Sadly, Mashud Islam Durjoy
passed away last Eid (2013)

Cancer Patient: £6891.80 (£3445.90 to each patient)
11th August 2012 – 23rd Ramadan 1433
17th August 2012 – 29th Ramadan 1433

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