Shompashi Nesarul Quran Eidgah Hazfizia Madrasa O Ateem Khana

Whilst I was an Imam at Bharmordon Jamia Masjid, towards the end of 1970, I was passing Shompashi village, one particular spot caught my attention, and I felt as if someone is telling me – the spot the Eidgah is currently situated – that there should be a house for Qur’an recitation. This incident was to be in my thoughts constantly, I reached my destination, and thereafter I arrived home and narrated the whole incident to my father. On hearing my account of the event my beloved father instructed me to visit my esteemed and respected spiritual leader Pir-e-Kamil Shamsul Ulema Hazrat Allama, Moulana Abdul Latif Sahib Fultoli (r.a). Who was incarcerated in Sylhet Jila Karaghar at the time. Following my fathers instructions I visited Sahib Qibla (r.a) and expressed my experience and feelings. Upon hearing the story Sahib Qibla (r.a) asked for a piece of paper, I searched my pockets and handed a small piece of paper to Sahib Qibla (r.a), he then uttered few verses silently and blew upon the paper. He handed the paper to me and instructed me to return to Shompashi and gather all the elderly and the important people and narrate the event and express my feelings, and Inshaalh Allah will fulfil your wishes.

Without delay I travelled to Shompashi not long after meeting Sahib Qibla (r.a), I performed Salatul Magrib at the local Masjid and spoke to the chairperson of the committee Jonab Khondoqar Akhlaqur Rahman Sahib; I explained the event to him and he replied that the owner of the land is Jonab Naseer Uddin alias Thakur Miah. On my request he sent two elderly residents of the village accompanying me to the owner, they were Jonab Muntaz Ullah Sahib & Abdul Matin Sahib.

After narrating the entire event the owner fell into deep thought and after long deliberation with Allah’s mercy he agreed and said I am willing to give you the land but on the condition that I will not register the land to you. He agreed to give 14×7 Sq. feet for the purpose of the house, and instructed me to meet him again the following morning. I was overtaken by emotion and thanked Allah for his mercy.

With the assistance of all the elderly and people of the village but with extra assistance from Jonab Khondoqar Akhlaqur Rahman Sahib we built a small house with bamboo & clay with the intended purpose of serving the Qur’an. Thereafter, I wrote to all the Masjids, Madrasas and schools to attend a gathering where I expressed my intentions to the representatives seeking their prayers and encouragements , the guest of honour was late Aklu Miah Sahib the UP Chairman, he instructed me with everybody’s agreement to organise a ‘Jalsa’.

On the Jalsa His Eminence Hazrat Allama Hormuzullah Saida Sahib (r.a)& His Eminence Hazrat Allama Abdur Raheem Chodipara Sahib (r.a)were present. The prominent scholars of Islam delivered their invaluable talks and gave their blessings and in doing so on the 3rd June 1972 they inaugurated the Madrasa with two students.

This gradual increase in numbers had given me the courage to ponder about expanding and building another house for the teachings. Jonab Khondoqar Akhlaqur Rahman Sahib, late Jonab Ayub Ali Sahib and late Yaqub Ullah Sahib were the first individuals who donated 37 Sq. feet of land for this noble cause. The 37 sq. feet land was initially donated for the purpose of the Eidgah but later with the consent of all the residents this was given to the Madrasa.

Thereafter, late Sayed Mahmud Ali Sahib donated 18 Sq. feet of land. After few days, Jonab Johur Miah Sahib (resident of Shompashi village) visited me after the Fajr prayers. With the aforementioned plot of land Jonab Johur Miah Sahib owned a further 15 Sq. feet of land. He made an admission that he dreamt giving that plot in the name of Allah to the Madrasa, I tried to explain and advise him that you have four children, and for their sake you should keep the land, and that just because you have had a dream does not necessarily mean that you should donate it. However, he was insistent on giving it to the cause. Again, I asked him to discuss this with his family members and then come to a decision. At that he did not utter any words and left. Within a short period he returned with a few elders of the village, of which one was Jonab Khondoqar Akhlaqur Rahman Sahib and the other was a resident of UK Jonab Alhaj Master Musaddar Ali Shaib. He was seeking their intercession so that I would accept his will. However, I repeated the issues to them, but Jonab Johur Miah Sahib was not willing to take any advice and was adamant that I accept his will. At this point Master Sahib suggested that he should donate half of this said plot and I will purchase the remainder and donate the plot to the Madrasa in my father’s name. This suggestion was then accepted by all parties; hence a total of 15 Sq. feet was donated to the Madrasa.

Subsequently, Alhaj Ashiqur Rahman Sahib alias Lal Miah donated a further 8 Sq. feet of land. With all this I later purchased a further 16 Sq. feet of land. In the meantime with the help of the local residents I built a tin-shed house for the purpose of the Madrasa, and this was the main teaching hall of the Madrasa at that point.

Alhamdulillah at this point in time the total land of the Madrasa comes to 94 Sq. feet. Therefore, unable to accommodate the growing number of students I was compelled to build a further house of 24×9 Sq. feet this time with bricks. Thereafter, a further increase of numbers resulted in building of another house of 24×9 Sq. feet including a veranda. The expansion and increase in numbers, Madrasa was in the course of rapid development and a reflection of this great achievement was seen in the high standard of teaching and the number of students completing their studies with high marks and graduating from this Madrasa.

The number of students increased as years passed, the expansion of the Madrasa was going strength to strength. This was the result of all the contributions of all the aforementioned individuals, students, and staff.

Some former teachers of the institutions:

  • Hafiz Moulana Faizul Haque Sahib
  • Moulana Saidul Hussain Sahib
  • Hafiz Abdush Shahid Sahib
  • Hafiz Abul Faiz Sahib

In 1985, I handed over the managerial responsibility to Jonab Khondoqar Akhlaqur Rahman Sahib and the general teaching and overseeing of the academic aspect was left upon Jonab Hafiz Abdul Quddus Sahib Digirpadi, Noor Ullah Sahib Chunarghat and Jubaer Ahmed Sahib Ansari.

Recent past:

At present due to lack of facilities we have built a building of 95×25 Sq. feet foundation with a veranda. The ground floor has been completed with the contribution of generous individuals from Bangladesh and the UK.

Furthermore, there isn’t a separate accommodation for the orphans; hence, the need to complete the second floor is pertinent. In order to complete the second floor an estimated twenty lakhs taka (£20,000.00) is required.

In addition, at present there is no separate arrangements for performing prayers, as a result students and teachers alike perform their prayers in the teaching hall. Hence, on the 15th February 2006 in a gathering attended by all the local residents, we decided to draw up a plan to build a Mosque, a plan of which is available for all to see on this website. The cost of this project is estimated at forty lakhs taka (£40,000.00).

Present teachers at the institution:

  • Hafiz Moulana Abdul Basit Sahib (Head Teacher)
  • Hafiz Moulana Siddiq Ahmed Sahib
  • Hafiz Abdul Monir Sahib
  • Hafiz Qari Abdul Hannan Sahib
  • Master Abid Hasan (Jamal)

Personal Biography of Founder & Principal:

The founder and the principal of this institution; Jonab Hafiz Amir Hussain was born to late Moulvi Gulam Rabbani and late Mahmuda Bibi on the 1st of January 1942 in Chodipara, Kanaighat. He completed his initial education at the local primary school and maktab, and shortly afterwards began studying at the local government Senior Madrasa, below is the list of his beloved teachers:

  • Allama Abdur Raheem Sahib Chodipara (r.a) Khalifa-e-Modoni (Principal)
  • Allama Nu’man Sahib (r.a) Khalifa-e- Bodorpuri
  • Allama Arzumand Ali Sahib (r.a) Rampuri Kamil
  • Allama Irshad Sahib (r.a) Bayeempuri
  • Allama Azizur Rahman Sahib (r.a) Julai
  • Allama Maqbool Hussain Sahib (r.a) Joypuri
  • Allama Abdul Jalil Sahib (r.a) Ishobpuri
  • Allama Abu Said Sahib (r.a) Chodipara
  • Master Alhaj Arfan Ali Sahib (r.a) ChodiparaMaster
  • Alhaj Abdul Ahad Sahib (r.a) Chodipara
  • Allama Bashir Uddin Sahib Chowdhury Dhorpongori
  • Munshi Arman Ali Saib Chodipara

After the completion of his secondary studies at the Senior Madrasa, Jonab Hafiz Amir Hussain decided to embark on memorising the Qur’an. Therefore, after seeking permission from his parents he enrolled onto the course in Edgah Hafizia Madrasa, which was 2 miles from his family home. His Hifz teacher was Hazrat Allama Hafiz Abdur Noor Sahib (r.a) Khaliefa-e-Fultoli. With the grace of Allah he completed the memorisation of the Holy Qur’an.

Thereafter, between 1962 and 1968 he was able to serve in various institutions. In 1968 he was appointed as the Imam and Khateeb of Moulvibazar Court Masjid, furthermore, in 1970 was appointed as an Imam of Bharmordon Jamia Masjid. Whilst serving at this Masjid he began the work of establishing a Madrasa in Shompashi.

In 1985 Jonab Hafiz Amir Hussain arrived in England, and immediately was appointed as the Imam of Coventry Jamia Masjid Islamic Brotherhood of Coventry. Here he served as Imam for over 15 years. Thereafter, in 2002 he was appointed as Imam at Coventry Shah Jalal Masjid and is currently serving the community as the head Imam.

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